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Zero Injection System

Leverage Turn-Key Performance Control for Reverse Power Protection Requirements

Gain Security with a System Backed by an Industry-Leading Data Platform

Locus offers Reverse Power Protection Systems that allows dynamic control of the PV power output and match it to customer consumption while operating the Diesel Gensets. As the central hub of performance management for commercial and industrial scale solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, Locus can deliver real time RPPS system that meet the most stringent requirements for security, precision, and reliability.
Zero Injection SystemZero back feed hybrid system. Click to enlarge
  • Delivers accurate power control for Reverse Power Protection Systems
  • Suitable for simple, on grid systems as well as hybrid PV systems with DG and battery
  • If net-metering is not available, the PV plant is allowed to produce power equal to or less than the load connected. If net-metering is available, the controller will ensure that no export happens to the DG side.
  • Industrial-grade components and factory-tested assembly for high performance in rugged environments
  • In-house engineering and startup services 
  • Real-time performance data available on-demand through the Locus Energy LocusNOC™ web and mobile application
  • Seamless integration with various DG sync panel and battery management systems for advanced network solutions
  • Utilize Locus’ complete toolkit to maximize plant uptime and deliver on project ROI under complex grid
  • Save resources on a scalable solution that can adapt to the unique layout of any C&I rooftop or ground mounted PV plant
  • Receive end-to-end project support and service with the advantage of a single-source provider
  • Gain flexibility with the ability to connect and monitor any device that supports Modbus or DNP
  • Feel secure with a system backed by an industry-leading data platform for improved plant bankability

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