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PVIQ Excel Datalink

Minimize operating costs and streamline fleet reporting and analysis with reliable performance datafeed direct to Excel

Save time and resources when real-time performance data is easily accessible within your existing Microsoft Excel file

PVIQ Excel Datalink is a Microsoft® Excel® add-in which establishes a direct link between the Locus Energy database and Excel workbooks. PVIQ Excel Datalink leverages the company’s robust API to retrieve and display a variety of data within a spreadsheet. Users can quickly create custom reports and analysis leveraging Excel’s advanced data analysis functions such as macro automation, conditional formatting and pivot tables. With the PVIQ Excel Datalink, fleet managers can now spend more time on asset optimization and less on routine operational reporting.

Locus Excel DatalinkInverter availability heat map around snow storm. Click to enlarge

The add-in is packaged with a set of template reports that may be customized to each user’s needs. With PVIQ Excel Datalink, users can supply data to any performance model they prefer, or draw modeled performance calculations directly from the platform, thus providing all the flexibility users need in order to accurately model PV assets.

The PVIQ Excel Datalink includes:

  • Fleet analytic reports
  • Access to current and historical performance data (including granular device level data) across an entire fleet of system
  • Option to access data from Locus Energy's Virtual Irradiance and predicted power output
  • Site analytics and metrics
  • Direct link between the Locus Energy database and Microsoft® Excel® workbooks
  • Four pre-loaded templates for performance reporting

PVIQ Excel Datalink users:

  • Minimize operating costs and streamline fleet reporting and analysis with direct access to real-time data in Excel
  • Assess fleet performance with quick access and analysis of complex sets of data
  • Reduce time spent on routine reporting by eliminating manual data downloads
  • Automate the custom analysis and presentation of performance data within a familiar workbook that includes all normal Excel functionality (pivot tables, macros, formulas)
  • Extend the reporting capability of the SolarNOC™ platform with direct access to fleet metadata and all historical performance data
  • Build custom templates, or use the four included templates, to prepare reports

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