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Collect, organize & assess performance data leveraging powerful proprietary analytics & a flexible, customer-driven interface

LocusNOC DashboardLocus' LocusNOC dashboard enables users to save customized views of data for their fleet, portfolios or sites. This site dashboard visualized performance from the underlying components, including Normalized AC Power from each of the inverters. 

Locus Energy’s LocusNOC™ (Network Operation Center) is a cloud-based software application providing enterprise-class tools for PV market stakeholders to collect, organize, and assess performance data from a diverse set of solar PV assets. Providing unprecedented access and visibility into PV performance, LocusNOC ensures that users have the data they need to attain the greatest returns on their investments across a PV Fleet.

LocusNOC was designed with user experience in mind. The application is fully customizable in that individual users can create their own needs and workflows into the platform, allowing for maximized efficiency while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to different roles and responsibilities within an organization. Functional tasks associated with Operations, Asset Management, Commissioning, Engineering, Data Validation and many more, can be easily streamlined for PV sites, portfolios, and fleets across the full segmentation of the marketplace. Users will enjoy the seamless ability to navigate throughout the platform through the use of quick links and multi-select features, allowing for the interpretation of critical, time-sensitive information, with only a few clicks. 

Locus Energy maintains hardware agnostic data ingestion, making it easy for customers to consolidate all of their assets in one powerful platform, removing the need for expensive retrofitting of equipment. Once the data is contained in LocusNOC, users will experience complete control over data visualization and extraction, alerting, tracking performance metrics, and much more. Additionally, with Locus Energy's Virtual Irradiance (VI) and the VI Waterfall already included, users will gain unrivaled insight into PV performance, making it abundantly clear where time and investment should be allocated. The LocusNOC provides users with years of development into performance management at their full disposal. Revel in the feeling that saved time and increased ROI are only a click away. 


  • Custom and default dashboarding
  • Alert Management and automated notification
  • Dynamic filtering and grouping capabilities
  • User configurable KPIs
  • Custom graphical reports
  • String Alerting
  • Virtual Irradiance, VI Waterfall, and Snow Depth
  • Configurable Overview in list or map view
  • View data from all devices
  • Unlimited users
  • Historical data available in perpetuity
  • Shareable and savable URL structure
  • Automated Group and Fleet reports
  • Normalize inverter and string data
  • Quick and easy data visualization and extraction


  • Quickly analyze and identify performance issues across fleets, portfolios and sites, resulting in more efficient O&M and Asset Management activities 
  • Save time and resources by automating the aggregation of performance data from multiple sources
  • Enhance and improve critical business processes with a robust API for any internal or third party applications
  • Easily track and quantify Performance losses due to Soiling, Shading, Degradation, Snow Cover, and more, with Locus Energy's new VI Waterfall tool
  • Complete user customization allows for variable business responsibilities to be streamlined and automated
  • Alert configuration and management empowers users to receive real time notification of issues, while reducing the noise of false alarms
  • Intelligent navigation increases workflow efficiency and employee productivity
  • Use Locus Energy Data Acquisition (DAS) hardware or third-party hardware (software-only solution) to manage PV performance all in one place
  • Multiple ways of comparing measured vs. expected performance utilizing customized weather adjustments, satellite irradiance, multiple models, and more

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