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Locus Energy Site Owner Application

User-friendly Interface to Track PV Power Generation & Report Environmental and Cost Benefits

Visualize key production data and reporting metrics from any web-enabled device

The SolarNOC™ site owner app is a web-based service enabling solar PV system owners and site hosts to track energy generation and environmental benefits. The app displays performance data in an attractive and easy to understand interface which can be viewed on any web-enabled device.

SolarNOC Site Owner Application PlatformThe Site Owner Applicaiton home screen is comprised of series of live data and educational content modules which track energy generation, weather information, and environmental offset equivalencies. Click to enlarge


  • Modular interface
  • Current and historical data
  • Customization options
  • Reporting tools
  • Net meter data


  • Track near-real-time power output and historical generation over time
  • Quickly visualize system performance through various, custom gauges and charts
  • Understand the total amount of energy produced, purchased and sold back to the grid over various timeframes using the net meter view
  • Run custom reports and download data for offline access
  • Track performance in terms of dollars saved with the financial conversion tool
  • Compare current power output of the PV system against total electric load
  • Better understand the positive environmental impact of systems when production data is translated into understandable environmental equivalencies

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