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Commercial and Utility Scale

Easily Install Highly Accurate Metering and Datalogging Devices for Commercial and Utility Scale Solar Monitoring

Efficiently Manage and Maintain Solar Assets with a System That Reliably Collects, Stores and Uploads a Wide Array of Energy Data

Locus Energy LGate 360Locus Energy's LGate 360 deliver reliable, easy-to-use solar performance data for commercial and utility scale installations. Click to enlarge 

Locus Energy provides a range of hardware to collect performance data from solar PV systems. All DAS hardware is factory configured and tested allowing for plug-and-play installation and commissioning. The platform supports a wide variety of third-party hardware including meters, inverters, weather stations and string/sub-array combiners.
LGate™ 360
The LGate 360 is a performance data acquisition kit for commercial solar photovoltaic systems. Designed to integrate easily into three-phase PV systems of all sizes, the LGate continually collects a multitude of energy and environmental data, allowing site owners and operators to efficiently manage solar assets. 
LGate Connect
Locus Energy’s LGate Connect is a highly configurable, robust network solution for wide-area in-field communication. Seamlessly integrated with the Locus Energy LGate Control SCADA, and LGate 360 DAS base stations, the LGate Connect delivers better insight into plant performance through extended data collection and fault detection.
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Modular design for tailored, cost-effective network solutions
    • Industrial-grade components for high performance in rugged environments
    • Trust the robust network design for high communication uptime
    • Save resource with a plug-and-play design for lower installation and startup costs

LGate Control

Locus' LGate Control delivers real-time data collection, control, automated logic, and telemetry services that meet the most stringent requirements for security, precision, and reliability. It is the end-to-end SCADA solution for power plant control and grid services that delivers real-time data collection, control, automated logic, and telemetry services that meet the most stringent requirements for security, precision, and reliability. 

  • Features and Benefits:
    • Real-time performance data available on-demand through the Locus Energy SolarNOC™ web application
    • Supports translation and telemetry over commonly used protocols and integration with third-party software, including OSI PI
    • Utilize Locus’ complete toolkit to maximize plant uptime and deliver on project ROI under complex grid requirements
    • Gain flexibility with the ability to connect and monitor any device that supports Modbus or DNP

LGate Extend

Locus Energy’s LGate Extend is a highly flexible solution that allows for a selection of industrial grade hardware needed for a particular application in a small footprint. The LGate Extend seamlessly integrates with LGate Control SCADA and LGate 360 DAS base stations for extending site functions and adding options.

  • Features and Benefits:
    • Flexible, standalone meter with networking or IO options for low-footprint add-on capabilities
    • Available industrial-grade, extended temperature components for high-risk sites
    • Monitor nearly any type of PV system in conjunction with configurable LGate 360 and LGate Control product lines
    • Access your data anytime through the Locus Energy LocusNOC™ web application.

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